Respite in the Reeds

We are currently seeking funding to offer ‘Respite in the Reeds’ – a series of wellbeing focused sessions and events incorporating Yoga, Qigong, archery, canoeing, walking and trekking for Norfolk women. This is a program focused on improving physical and mental wellbeing, creating community and reducing social isolation.

Respite in the Reeds is open to women from all walks of life, and we will actively focus on engaging women facing or recovering from multiple life challenges, including homelessness, addiction, sex-working, involvement in criminal justice system and domestic abuse.

Respite in the Reeds is made up of outdoor Yoga and Qigong sessions, day walks in the Norfolk and Suffolk countryside, a Long Distance Path trek, a mountain adventure day and an overnight camp.

Contact us if you would like to fund this project or partner up to make it happen

The Life Garden Project

Having recently embraced veganism and in becoming increasingly frustrated with the industry of food, in terms of waste and ethics of production, we, with the help of a little funding, have decided to begin to take a stand and grow our own produce at our site. 

Grounded in permaculture principles; the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient, we are interested in joining with others and creating a gardening project where skills can be shared and food can be produced. 

Paradise lost – Grief tending

“Someone I loved once gave me a box full of darkness. It took me years to understand that this, too, was a gift”

The Uses of Sorrow, Mary Oliver (2007)

In our grief phobic culture, amid our antithetical fascination with and yet simultaneous aversion to, death, we have propagated a message that feelings arising from loss and bereavement are to be processed and moved through, ideally with a minimum of fuss and out of sight. The notion of welcoming grief as sacred, as an integral element of living and loving is alien to some. Grief work at Bittern Meadow CIC seeks to support individuals to
in the words of Francis Weller, “develop a living relationship with loss, free from a one dimensional obsession with emotional ‘progress’”

Grief workshops at Bittern Meadow offer a space for ritual, for the expression of all aspects and sources of grief to be heard and held in and by community and nature.

Check back for details of future workshops