‘Bittern Meadow’ the place is at the heart of Bittern Meadow Community Interest Company.

We were fortunate enough to gain stewardship of Bittern Meadow, four acres of tall herb fen near Postwick, Norfolk, in early 2012 and spent some time watching and learning about what lived and grew there. Setting up as a Community Interest Company in 2013 it has always been important to us to strike a respectful balance between human activity and other being welfare.

Although only five miles East of Norwich, we are fortunate to be surrounded by a mosaic of small woodlands and meadows as well as having access to the River Yare, providing peace and a real sense of getting away from the built environment.


We are always excited to discover new species at Bittern Meadow, as of June 2019 we have identified almost 200 species including 3 different amphibians, 52 species of bird, 79 types of plant, 6 species of fungi, 1 lichen, 42 species of invertebrates, 15 varieties of mammal and 1 species of reptile.

Come help us learn more about who lives here!