Our Vision

Everyone, everywhere – Awake, aware and connected to Self, Others and Earth

Our Mission

To provide space and time for anyone who choses, to experience a remembrance of the inextricable links between ourselves and the wider natural world and freely express our emotions.

Our Philosophy

At Bittern Meadow CIC we encourage a holistic way of being with each other and the natural world. In the words of Deep Ecologist, Chris Johnstone (1) we are looking “beyond the individualism of Western culture towards also seeing ourselves as part of the earth. This leads to a deeper connection with life, where Ecology is not just seen as something ‘out there’, but something we are part of and have a role to play in”
Working in close collaboration with our partner organisation, Ascend Adventure, we continue to offer a wide range of outdoor experiences to many people, based around our shared core beliefs – Change is possible, Everything is connected, Balance works and Let it begin with me
1. https://www.thegreenfuse.org/johnstone.htm